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Independent Assurance Report and Certifications

Here you will find our independent assurance report and certifications that document that we are focused on continuously complying with current standards in the market regarding e.g. IT security and GDPR.

Use of Sub-data Processors

In our Services we can utilize Third Party Suppliers, that also as part of the execution of their deliveries will become a sub-processor for itm8, to ensure optimized solutions for our customers. Here you will find the list of sub-processors supporting the delivery of our services.

The list is updated continuously, and it is therefore important that you as a customer keep yourself informed about our choice of new business partners.

Security on our locations and Operational Centers

A high level of security at our locations and in our operational centers has a high priority. here you will find our instructions for employees and visitors at our locations and in our operational centers.

Terms and conditions

Your purchase of Services, Products, Licenses and other deliverables from itm8 is governed by the Terms & Conditions, unless otherwise agreed in our specific agreement with you. These Terms & Conditions is supplemented by separate terms regarding third-party deliveries, including Public Services, which you will find below under the item "Vendor Terms & Conditions".

It is your responsibility as a customer to familiarize yourself with the content of the agreed terms for the delivery of agreed Services, etc.

Commercial Terms - Consultancy Services

Itm8's commercial terms for consultancy services describe the terms applicable to any delivery of consultancy services unless otherwise specifically agreed in an agreement.


Third Party Suppliers terms and conditions for Standard Third-Party Services

When delivering our Services, products, software etc. we utilize third party deliverables, including Standard Third Party Services, defined as deliveries from a Third Party supplier that do not specifically contribute to the fulfillment of a single agreement between a customer and us are characterized as a standard service used by the itm8 Group as a supporting delivery to a multitude of customers, and where it applies that such deliveries are provided on standard terms from the provider, for example, as a Public Cloud service . Please find the applicable Third Party Terms for these Standard Third-Party Services here.  

It is your responsibility as a customer to familiarize yourself with the content of these terms, and since the terms can be continuously changed by the providers, it is important that you keep yourself informed about the currently valid versions of the terms.

Compliance in itm8

Compliance refers to the fullfillment of obligations, both mandatory and as a result of compliance with laws, as well as other principles and guidelines that itm8 has decided to assume voluntarily.

At the epicenter of the  itm8 Compliance Culture is the Code of Conduct, which sets out the behavior guidelines expected of all Group Companies. In this regard, all workers, managers and people linked to itm8 are expected to comply with the aforementioned Code, as well as with the rest of the internal policies.

Brand Specific Data Processing Agreement

In cases where personal data is processed on behalf of the customer as data controller, the data processing agreement below applies. The data processing agreement is based on the Danish Data Protection Authority's standard contract provisions pursuant to the data protection regulation, article 28, subsection 8, as these were published in December 2019.

itm8 Group Data Processing Agreement

In cases where customers have entered into itm8 Group’s Cooperation Agreement (hereinafter “Cooperation Agreement”), this data processing agreement applies (hereinafter “itm8 Group’s Data Processing Agreement”). Itm8 Group’s Data Processing Agreement serves as an integrated part of the applicable Cooperation Agreement, including the adopted Work Order. Itm8 Group’s Data Processing Agreement is based on the Danish Data Protection Agency’s standard contractual provisions pursuant to the data protection regulation, article 28, as these were published in December 2019.

Terms for external suppliers and business partners

Itm8 wishes to create a trusting collaboration with the various suppliers and business partners ("Business Partners") that interact with itm8. This commitment is based on obeying the laws in force in the different jurisdictions in which it operates and on displaying conduct in line with itm8' culture and values ​​of Integrity, Excellence, Trust, Sustainability, and Profitability ("Compliance culture").

Here you find our requirements for suppliers and business partners. The content is derived from the itm8 Code of Conduct, and compliance is mandatory for all of our Business partners, regardless of their geographic location or the Group company to which they are contractually bound.

However, if Business partners can show that they have a Code of Conduct and other internal rules similar in content to those required under this section, these will, in agreement with itm8, be able to take the place of the below.

itm8 also has a number of basic legal requirements for the deliveries from our Business Partners, in which connection our Terms and Conditions of Purchase will apply and take precedence over any Delivery Terms & Conditions from the Business Partner.